Titus throughout the ages .....

Titus(Mk1) were formed in the' 1980's initially to play at a charity event and consisted of Ian and Clare Dobson and John Towner.They took their name Titus from a local Hastings miscreant of the 17th century, purely to give the band a 'local' identity,and in no way to identify themselves with Titus Oates' many misdeeds!

They were later joined by Ron Cleave on guitar,accordion and vocals.Titus (Mk 2)were soon on the residents' roster at the Black Horse Folk Club at Telham and later at the Hayloft Folk Club in Fairlight and the 1066 Folk Club in Battle, as well as appearing in folk clubs, pubs, clubs, old people's homes and private events everywhere


 In late 2002 Ron left for pastures  new in the West Country and  he was replaced by Mick Mepham -Titus(Mk 3).During this period the harmonies helped them to win the vocal quartet section in the Hastings Music Festival for a period of 5 years.

In  June 2010, John's long-time health problems worsened and he left the band after a final gig at The Beacon Folk Club,Tunbridge Wells, urging the group to replace him. Alan Marshall  was recruited on banjo,guitar and concertina and vocals to create Titus (Mk 4).Sadly, in September2010,John passed away.

In June 2012,Clare too passed away after a long battle with cancer playing gigs to within two weeks of her death. (Please see the respective former band member pages) and the band continued as a trio -Titus (Mk 5).

In August 2014,Steve Cooke  was recruited on fiddle and vocals and Titus  continue as(Mk 6)a four piece line- up once again.They play at a wide range of venues, folk clubs, pubs, festivals, weddings and so on.You name the event and they'll play at it!! 

Titus have always been known for their lighthearted approach and their between- song banter can be very entertaining.They cover songs from such diverse artists as Bob Dylan,Bruce Springsteen and The Bonzos to 16th century ballad operas (Gammer Gurtons Needle),traditional folk songs and sea shanties, plus a number of original songs. 


Titus Mk 6 -Big Green Cardigan September 2014