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In December 2018 we played our last gig with Mick at the Jenny Lind,before he left to live in France.We hoped that the band could continue with a new guitarist and were lucky to find Steve Heseltine. He worked hard and had soon learned almost all of our repertoire.However, in attempting to rehearse,we realised that during the time since December we had all taken on other commitments, making it difficult to continue, and we subsequently decided that the best thing was to part company and put the band to bed,after what had been almost forty years of gigs. 
In that time we have played over 500 gigs at festivals,concerts,folk clubs(especially The Black Horse,Telham),social clubs,charity and fund-raisers,PTA's,weddings,political events, foreign students events,fetes,fairs,parties,care homes and The Golden Hind(!),with a total of six different line-ups.It's all been fun in all sorts of different ways,and it seems best to 'quit while we're ahead'and hopefully to have left you laughing when we went.None of it would have been so enjoyable without all those who have listened to our music and words over all these years.
To all of you from all of us-Ian,Mick,Alan,Steve C.and Steve H.,Ron,and on behalf of absent friends,John and Clare,we say goodbye and thanks.Say hello to us when you see us.

 'SO FILL TO US THE PARTING GLASS ,                

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